Coordinated School Health





5210 Program

One of the most popular programs that Coordinated School Health leads is 5210. Events occur throughout the year to teach students what each of these numbers stand for.

The Organ Wise Guys

Teaching Children about How to be Smart from the Inside Out!

The cast of the The Organ Guys–Hardy Heart, Peri Stolic (the large intestine), Sir Rebrum, Pepto the Stomach, and Sid and Kid Kidney (The Kidney Brothers) along with buddies Calci M. Bone, Windy the Lungs, and Madame Muscle–is a collection of friendly, delightfully eccentric characters that are cleverly personified body parts.

They invite parents and their children to join them on child-friendly experiences as they learn to incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into their lives.


Each year McNairy County holds a Got Fit competition. Throughout the year, elementary and junior high PE classes work on increasing their pull-ups and sit-ups number and sit and reach distance, and running both a mile and shuttle run in faster times. At the end of the year, a McNairy County Got Fit Day is held where students with the best scores compete against each other and the winners receive medals.  You can see the all time record holders HERE.

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