The McNairy County Campign

Sodabriety History

In 2013, the TCWN launched the statewide Bringing Tap Back project with a grant from the Tennessee Department of Health. BTB aims to encourage Tennesseans to drink water instead of sugary drinks as an environmentally-friendly way to fight diabetes and obesity.

We have coordinated the installation of more than 133 fountains statewide in 12 counties statewide and provided access to clean water to more than 94,131 students. Now we are taking this successful and popular project into the classroom with our Sodabriety Campaign. 




Why SodaBriety?

·       Adolescents and young adults consume more sugary drinks than any other age group.

·       Sugary drinks are the single largest caloric contributor to diabetes.

·       Tennessee has the 5th highest rate of diabetes in the US and high school students rank 2nd in the nation for population effected by diabetes.

·       Drinking just one 12 oz. sugary drink a day increases the risk of developing diabetes by 22%.

·       A child’s risk for obesity increases an average of 60% with every additional daily serving of soda.

I will drink one less sugary drink a day for a month
— Sodabriety Pledge

Sodabriety Month - Febuary 13th - March 17th

Students in McNairy County will all have access to chilled and filtered drinking water through the installation of 36 new water bottle refill stations. Students, staff, and administrators throughout McNairy County will be encouraged to drink more water and less sugary drinks during Sodabriety month. Each student, staff, and administrator will receive a free BPA-free water bottle donated by Lifespan Health.

Each high school will be hosting their own Sodabriety Campaign created by a group of dedicated student leaders. The other schools in the district will host a variety of Sodabriety month activities including: a door decorating contest, art and physical education activities, and TN Core educational activities.

A districtwide pledge signing will take place at the beginning of the campaign. If you are interested in learning more about the campaign or the effects of sugary drinks on your child’s health, please contact Kimberly Pettigrew at kimberly@tcwn.org or 865-522-7007 ext. 105


This Project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee